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Pingyao Tianyuankui Hotel is located in the middle of the most prosperous Ming-Qing Street in the core protection area of Pingyao Ancient City. It is only 2 kilometers from the railway station. From here, visit the boutique attractions of Pingyao County, the Temple of God, the Temple of Wealth, the Temple of Wealth, the Rishengchang ticket number, the ancient city wall, look at the city, the temple, the mountains, the water, and the antiques and special products. The mood is also the most harmonious.

Pingyao Tianyuankui Hotel is a folk star inn rated by the Pingyao Tourism Bureau. The store was opened in the 56th year of Qianlong (1791). In the old days, tourists do not know how much gold and silver ingots they took away, and they are also booming in Pingyao scene. The five reception halls along the street, as well as Chinese and Western restaurants, are lined up with red columns, green windows, golden plaques and pink walls, which are as beautiful as jade; passing through the hall is a string of courtyards, and the old houses with green walls and pink walls are scattered. The Qiao Family Courtyard, which looks like a miniature, is a 'Qiao Family Courtyard' where you can stay. From the front hall to the veranda to each courtyard, the green brick path, corners and corners are filled with stone carvings of a small enclosure. The longevity of gold and stone, the high-definition of Heyun water, enjoy the permanent auspiciousness, the quantity is high, and the taste is high. It is also the pleasure of the owner's cultural relics collection for many years.